Valle Verde Quintas allows any and all projects within the building codes of the Municipality; however, having many years and contacts in the area, we highly recommend visiting one of our preferred builders to assist you with your project. Living in Costa Rica, it is also a huge bonus to consider new, state of the art solar powered alternatives to help with energy consumption. We are close to the equator here and this means long, reliable energy sources harvested from the sun. Many homes can be powered up to 80% with central air conditioning!  Homes without A/C can store extra energy in a back-up battery pack, powering at 100%. Solar has become so inexpensive over the last decade, the initial installation can be recovered within the first 2 years, depending on the amount of panels needed. We highly recommend Arquitect and custom home builder Ludwig López Ch. with CTC Arquitectura & Construccion.  He is a certified architect working on many different styles and designs for over 30 years in Costa Rica.  From Residential to Commercial, he is an expert in installing specialized lighting; slab and stone work; custom wood-work; water features and pools; green roofs or living roofs; retaining walls; energy efficiency; and he offers an eye for detail far exceeding the average home builder. He can help you with your design from start to finish including all the necessary soil testing, permits and planning with the local government agencies. He and his brother work with a digital program offering 3D renderings of the finished product, so you have the ability to see your home before the construction begins, bringing you into the world of virtual custom home building.

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