• Sustainable Living Ranch House

    There is an existing structure for sale in the subdivision, it just needs some love and imagination. Having many years experience in the real estate business, I love looking at older properties or abandoned facilities and dreaming what they could be. Just today I was walking through the subdivision and realized it would be the perfect place for a family or people to homestead, live off-grid or just live sustainably. The place is large, so this is not a simple building, but it has great bones! Most of what is needed is already in place. There is a large structure with a great roof, a skeleton for a green house, a water pump and irrigation holding tank and fruit trees. It is a large enough property to raise chickens, goats, turkeys, even horses. The main ranch house is actually live in ready, and to make it really awesome, 2 glass walls are needed to enclose the main area with some cosmetic repairs and fine tuning. This property has amazing views of the mountains of Atenas and, in my opinion, all the hard work has been completed. The concrete is in place, the bones are in place, it just needs someone with vision to make it perfect. Take a look:

    One could easily make this an environmentally friendly home or ranch. The layout is already functioning with a bathroom and an enclosed room for living while the repairs are being made. It was originally a nursery for plants so it has some concrete holding tanks that need to be removed, but the concrete floors are in superb condition to build out the kitchen and family room. There is a long enclosure that can be walled in for the bedrooms and additional bathrooms, just needing doors and windows. There is a working bathroom on the property and plenty of plumbing in place. The roof is in great condition with skylights. The view is amazing and the weather here is perfect. The property is just over an acre, so there is plenty of room to garden and live off the land. The greenhouse just needs a cover. The owner is asking for land value of the property and I am amazed that it has not sold yet. I am in love with this propertyI love where I live and I share to influence and create imagination and adventure! This is the perfect location, close to San Jose and the beaches of the Central Pacific Coast. The climate is the best in the world! Valle Verde is a gardeners paradise. For someone who is not up for gardening or tending animals, it is a beautiful, serene setting to admire the views of the surrounding mountains while enjoying a great cup of coffee. So whether you are in the mood for a fixer-upper, or want to build from scratch, Valle Verde Quintas is the future of Costa Rica! Guácima is just around the corner and almost full! This is the spot for fresh air, cool breezes and a pura vida!

    The property is $215,000 at land value! 3.587,92 sq meters = .89 acre

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